Punk Explainer
Explainer video about Jerusalem's Punk scene.
Kissa Jazz Bar
Motion interpretation for a poster and logo animation for the Kissa Jazz Bar in Tel Aviv.
Design: Apollo Crocks
Logo Animation
sound & space - live at the TEDER.
made for Apollo Crocks
Design: Mooode studio.
Piel de ayer
a short experimental documentary exploring masculinity as defined by modern men.
9 Squares

Nine words in motion, describing my design style.
Top: Authentic, Eclectic, Indie.
Middle: Minimal, Nostalgic, Clean.
Bottom: Bittersweet, Alternative, Punk.
Course: Intro to Animation course with Assaf Dev Cohen.
Printed Booklet - Hitchcock
The first stage was turning a wiki page into a booklet, using only internet archives and no color. The second stage was designing a series of posters for a film festival - with a different aesthetic.
Course: Typographic/Graphic design with Adi Tako.
Title Sequence
a Title sequence for a made up true-crime tv series exploring what really happened to Nemo's mother in the Disney movie. Using mainly found footage. Made in collaboration with Alma Saporta Klemes.
Short 3D Animations
Made in Cinema4D.​​​​​​​
a logo and 3d snapshot.
Teasing a new brand of cheap beers that is coming soon.
Book Covers

Book covers for a series about the photographers of Israel. Image making, typo placement and logo design.
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